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Who we are

Fantaztico is...

...the most appreciated Italian online kidswear store

...the leading Italian brands

...fast and reliable deliveries

...a helpful customer service always ready to guide you with your choices, find the right size and to solve any doubt

Fantaztico started in 2010, at the time it was called BRMK store and the offer was limited to the Brands Brums and Mek. In the following years the offer has grown bigger, the service increased even more in efficency and reliability, the Stores name changed and we invested in listening and fullfilling our customers needs.

Today our store counts 20.000 clients, a catalogue of 2.000 items per season and a very high rate of customers appreciation.
Our Staff

Enthusiast of new technologies and innovative ways to do new things, runs after his ideas trying to fullfill them. His favourite quote: "Think different"!
A past as fashion designer and mother of an adorable boy named Leonardo, is the reference point of our customer service. She is a fashion enthusiast and always at our customers disposal for giving fashion advices per chat and mail.
Since ever an enthusiast of web and digital communication, she lives in symbiosis with her smartphone and follows the online marketing and social networks. She compensates by meditating and doing Yoga :)
Fond of the web, she loves everything which can be analized and calculated, but most important of all she loves fashion and discovering and following the moments new trends. In her personal life she alternates two passions: travels and sports... sedentary life isn't thing for her.
Attracted by any kind of language, particularly the advertising one, she is a fashion addict with ink running through her veins. Valeria, at work as well as in her life, is always searching for the right words.
She is a part-time Jolly, she has a passion for languages, web and fashion. Mom since just a few months, she loves to play with new trends and choose gorgeous outfits for her little one. In her personal life she loves cooking, eating and to mantain herself fit by running.