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First purchase guide

Learn how to make your first purchase on in 3 simple steps

It takes 3 steps to buy the first time. And shopping online will always be a pleasure!

  • 1. Find

  • 2. Complete

  • 3. Receive

  • Find quickly what you need.

    Now it's easier to find the category you are looking for: just click it in the main menu you see in all pages!

    For example:
    Babies 0-2
        Baby Boy
           Categories: accessories, shirts, patrousers, etc.
           Collections: special occasions, fashion, sport, etc.

    Once you reach the right category you can see all available items.
    You can add an item to your cart by:

    • the category page, go on the item with the mouse, select the size you need and click on "BUY IT NOW"
    • the item page, here you can see more pictures, read the item description, composition and washing instructions, select the size and click on "ADD TO MY CART"

    A confirmation window will confirm correct products in your shopping basket.

    Your items are only "selected": you can think about it until you confirm the payment at checkout.

    You can check at any time which items you have placed in your shopping basket by selecting the icon in the top-right of the page "CART".