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General Terms and Conditions of Sale

The products and the purchase are governed by the following general terms and conditions of sale. This website is powered by Grynstar s.r.l.
This Web site is managed and maintained by Grynstar s.r.l. Grynstar is registered with the Milan Chamber of Commerce n. MI - 1879628, and it’s tax code and under VAT ID number 06243810964. The Grynstar Legal office is in Italy, at Via Galliano, 21 21040 Carnago, (VA). For any additional request for information please don’t hesitate to contact us at
For any legal information please refer to the “Terms of use” section.

How to Execute the purchase contract

  1. To place an order for the purchase of one or more products on, you must fill out the online order form and send it electronically to Grynstar, following the relevant instructions.
  2. The order form contains a summary of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, and also contains information on the main characteristics of each product ordered and the relevant unit price (including all applicable fees and taxes), the type of payment that you may use in order to purchase each product, shipping terms for the purchased products, shipping and delivery costs, and references to the terms and conditions for returning purchased products.
  3. An order shall be deemed submitted when Grynstar receives your order form electronically and the order information has been verified as correct.
  4. Before submitting your order form for the purchase of products, you will be asked to carefully read the General Terms and Conditions of Sale, to print a copy using the print option and to save or reproduce a copy thereof for your own personal use.
  5. The order form will be filed in our data base for the time required to process your order and as provided by law. You may access your order form by clicking on the section called My Order, in case you decided to buy as a registered user and not as a guest user. We suggest you to purchase as a registered user to be able to access your data, consult your orders and every other interaction with
  6. After your order form has been submitted, Grynstar will process your order and send you a confermation email.
  7. Grynstar may not process purchases when there are not sufficient guarantees of solvency, when orders are incomplete or incorrect, or the products are no longer available. In the above cases, we shall inform you by e-mail that the contract has not been executed and that Grynstar has not carried out your purchase order specifying the reasons thereof. If the products displayed on are no longer available at the time of your last access or once Grynstar has received your order form, Grynster shall inform you of the unavailability of the ordered products within 14 days from the day after Grynstar has received your order.
  8. If the order form has been sent and the price has been paid for items that are no longer available, Grynster will refund the amount paid for those items.
  9. By submitting an order form to Grynster, you unconditionally accept and undertake to observe the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale in your contract with Grynstar. Should you not agree with certain provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, please do not submit your order form for the purchase of products on
  10. By submitting an order form, you agree and accept these General Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as further conditions contained on, through links, including the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.
  11. Upon submission of an order form, Grynstar shall send you a purchase order receipt e-mail, containing a summary of the information related to the order form (General Terms and Conditions of Sale, the products' main characteristics, detailed information on price, terms of payment, return policy and shipping costs).

Guarantees and Product Price Indication

  1. On, we offer for sale luxury and top-quality products.
  2. Grynstar does not sell flawed products or products of lower quality than the corresponding market standards.
  3. The main characteristics of products are shown on on each product page. The products offered for sale on may not exactly correspond to the real garments in terms of image and colours due to the Internet browser or monitor used.
  4. Prices are subject to change and will be as quoted on our site from time to time. Check the final price of sale before sending the relevant order form.
  5. Orders made from a Country site different from the one you are shipping to, or to addresses to which Grynstar cannot ship, will be automatically cancelled.
  6. All Products sold by Grynstar come with an identification tag attached with bar code, price and size. When trying on the products you should not remove or alter the tag from the purchased products should you wish to return the purchased product.
  7. Incase you decide to return your purchase, Grynstar has the right to not accept returned products without tag or products which have been altered from their original status or damaged.


  1. Payment of the product prices and relevant costs for shipping and delivery must be made by using one of the procedures indicated on the order form.
  2. In case of payment by credit/debit card, all details (for example, card number or expiration date) will be sent by encrypted protocol toHipay or other banks which provide remote electronic payment services, without third parties having any access thereto whatsoever. Such details will not be used by Grynstar except for performing the procedure relevant to your purchase or issuing refunds in the case of returns, in compliance with the exercise of your return right or for reporting cases of fraud to the police. The price for the purchase of products and the relevant costs for shipping and delivery, as indicated in the order form, will be charged to your current account when the purchased products are actually shipped.

Shipping and Delivery of the Products
You can track the shipment via the online tracking number provided by SDA or UPS. As soon as the courier takes care of your order, you will receive a shipment confirmation email with the link and the tracking number which allows you to know anytime where your order is.
The SDA and UPS Couriers deliver from Monday to Friday during office hours and it is not possible to fix deliveries by appointment. The sites or

Customer Care
For any information requests Grynstar can be contacted via e-mail at or by phone at our toll free number +39 02/94751222. In case of serious problems concerning shipment Grynstar will contact you by phone.

Consumer Rights and the Cooling-Off Period

  1. If you are a Consumer, you may cancel your contract with Grynstar in relation to products purchased from, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, by notifying Grynstar within ten (10) working days, beginning with the day you received the products. In this case you will receive a full refund of the price of the products, please note that it is not possible to replace the product with another.

  2. To cancel your contract you have to complete and submit the return form.

  3. In this case you will have to return the products to Grynstar, delivering them to the courier responsible for delivery within 14 working days beginning with the day you recieved the products, shipping costs for returning will be charged to you. The delivery date on the consignment will be determinating the expiry of the 14 days.

  4. To return the products:

    • The Return Form must be filled out correctly and sent to Grynstar within 14 working days, (beginning with the day received the products)

    • The products should not have been used, worn, washed or damaged;

    • The identification tag should still be attached to the products with the disposable seal;

    • The products should be returned, complete and unused, with their original packaging

    • The products should be returned to Grynstar in one single shipment. Grynstar infact reserves the right to not accept the return of items of one order sent back in different moments.

    • The returned products must be delivered to the courier within 14 working days

    • from the delivery date of the products.

  1. If the return right is exercised according to the above listed procedures and within the specified time limits, Grynstar willl refund the amounts paid for the purchase of products.

  2. The money will be refunded in the shortest possible time and in any case within 14 days from the date on which Grynstar recieves the filled out return form. Once verified the correct execution of the terms and conditions indicated in the above paragraph, Grynstar will activate the procedures for reimbursement.

  3. In case the procedures and terms described in this paragraph have not been corretcly followed you will not be entitled to the reimbursement of the sums already paid to Grynstar, but you may elect, at your expense, to have the products re-delivered to you. Otherwise, Grynstar can keep the products in addition to sums already paid for their purchase.

Refund Procedures and Timing

  1. Grynstar will examine all products returned and will check the conformity to the procedures described in the above paragraph “Consumer Rights and the Cooling-Off Period”. In event that examination will confirm your right of a refund, Grynstar will notify you by email the aceptance of the returned goods.
  2. Independently from which mode of payment you used, the refund is activated by Grynstar within 14 days from the date on which Grynstar is notified of your return request and after verification and acceptance of returned products.
  3. If the recipient of the products indicated in the order form is different from the individual who made the payment for such products, the amount paid for returned items shall be refunded by Grynstar to the individual who made the payment.
  4. Payment by PayPal: refunds will be credited to your PayPal account and will be visible immediately. The actual reimbursement to the credit card associated with your PayPal account depends on the company that issued the card. 

Terms of Use
Welcome to our Website (“”). Access and use of are regulated by these conditions of use (“General Conditions of Use”). Access and use of this Website presupposes that you have read, understood and agreed to these obligatory General Conditions of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy section.
This Web site is managed and maintained by Grynstar s.r.l. Grynstar is registered with the Milan Chamber of Commerce n. MI - 1879628, and it’s tax code and under VAT ID number 06243810964. The Grynstar Legal office is in Italy, at Via Galliano 21, 21040 Carnago (VA).
Grynstar may modify or simply update, at its exclusive discretion, in all or in part, these General Conditions of Use, as well as the documents referred to by them. The changes and updates to the General Conditions of Use will be provided to users as soon as they have been adopted, and will be effective as soon as they are published on the Web site in this section.
However, we ask that you regularly access this section in order to verify the publication of the most recent and up-to-date General Conditions of Use for
Remember that you and you alone are the only person responsible for using and its content. In fact, may not be held responsible for any use of the Website and its related content by users that are not in compliance with the current legal standards.
Access and use of including viewing Web pages and communication with constitute activities conducted by our users exclusively for personal use, excluding any commercial, entrepreneurial and professional activities.

For any trade, business and professional relationship please contact Preca Brummel SpA at the following e-mail:

  1. Privacy Policy
    Be sure to read this Privacy Policy which applies when you visit and surf without purchasing any product and/or when you use the services provided for purchasing products on this Site. The Privacy Policy helps you to understand how Grynster collects and uses your data and for which purpose.Read more...
  2. Intellectual Property
    All content on (images, sounds, video, text, ...) are protected by copyright and can not be reproduced. Grynstar has the exclusive right to authorize or prohibit the reproduction of all or part of the content. You are not authorized to make any reproduction in any medium, of all or of part's contents. Any reproduction must be, from time to time, authorized by Grynstar or, where appropriate, by the authors of individual works contained in this website. Such reproductions shall be carried out for lawful purposes and in compliance with copyrights and other intellectual property rights of Grynstar and authors of individual works contained in this website. Also you are not, under any circumstance, entitled to use, in any manner or form, the contents of the website nor any single work protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. For example, you can not alter or otherwise modify the content and the protected works without the consent of Grynstar.
  3. Trademarks and domain names
    The domain name is registered by Preca Brummel which assigns to the company Grynstar the right to use and update the content, and to manage the sales. You are not authorized, without the consent of Preca Brummel, to use that mark, to characterize any goods or services.
  4. Links to other Web sites contains links to other sites that do not have any connection to Grynstar neither controls nor monitors these Websites or their content. Grynstar may not be held responsible for the content of these sites and the rules adopted by them, also regarding your privacy and the processing of your personal data during your navigation operations. Therefore, we ask that you be cautious when accessing these Websites via the links on and that you carefully read their conditions of use and privacy regulations. Indeed, we remind you that these General Conditions of Use and the Privacy Policy of are not applicable to Websites managed by someone other than Grynstar. provides links to other Web sites only to facilitate its own users in searching and navigation and in order to facilitate hypertext Internet links to other Web sites. The activation of links does not imply any recommendations or suggestions by Grynstar to access and navigate these Websites, nor any guarantee of their content, services or the goods provided or sold to Internet users.
  5. Links to
    Anyone interested in activating links to the Home Page and other publicly accessible Web pages are asked to contact Grynstar through the section Contacts. Contact is necessary to activate the consent request to a hypertext link to The activations of links are awarded by Grynstar to the applicant, free of charge and non-exclusively. Grynstar has the right to oppose the activation of direct links to its Web site in the event that the applicant who intends to activate the link to has, in the past, adopted unfair business practices or ones that are not in compliance with use in this sector, or unfair competition actions with regard to Grynstar, or if Grynstar believes that these behaviours may be adopted in the future, or, finally, if the requesting applicant has, in the past, or it is believed that it may adopt in the future actions to discredit Grynstar, its Website or services. In any case, the activation of deep hypertext links (such as deep frames or deep links) to, or the unauthorized use of metatags without the consent of Grynstar is prohibited.
  6. Warning about content
    Grynstar has made every effort to avoid the publication on the Website of content that describes or represents scenes or depictions of physical or psychological violence or which, depending on the sensitivity of the users of, could be considered injurious to civil beliefs, human rights or human dignity, in all of its forms and expressions. In any case, Grynstar does not guarantee that the Website’s content is appropriate or lawful in other Countries, outside of Italy. Nevertheless, if such content is found to be unlawful or illegal in some countries, we ask that you avoid accessing the site and, at any rate, if you choose to access it, we advise you that your decision regarding how to use the services provided by will be your exclusive and personal responsibility. The content on the Website may contain inaccuracies or typos. Grynstar may not, in any case and for any reason, be held responsible for potential inaccuracies and errors, nor for damage caused or derived from user beliefs based on the information obtained from the Website or transmitted by it. The user shall be exclusively responsible for evaluating the information and content available via the Website. The Website and all of its information and published content may be modified at any time, without notice. Moreover, Grynstar, does not make guarantees to users regarding malfunctions due to Internet connections. We suggest that you contact your Internet service provider or check that any Internet connection devices and access to Web content are activated correctly, including your Internet browser. Although Grynstar will attempt to do everything possible to ensure continuous access to the Website, continuous Internet changes and its content may prevent from operating without disruptions, interruptions, or irregularities due to the need to update the Website. Grynstar has adopted appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard the security of its services on, the integrity of data traffic and electronic communication stemming from unauthorized use or knowledge, as well as in order to prevent risks of the dispersal, disruption and loss of user data and information, whether or not it is restricted, present on, or unauthorized access, or access not in compliance with legal standards, for data and information.
  7. Our trade policy
    Grynstar adopted its own trade policy, its mission is to sell products through its services and its web site solely for the "final consumer", meaning by this term an individual which acts on exclusively for personal use, excluding any commercial, entrepreneurial and professional activities. If you are not a final consumer please do not buy products on Grynster will reserve the right to not consider orders coming from users which are not final consumers or any other order that does not conform to the general terms and conditions of sale and the present Terms of use.